CLIENT: Stevens Pass
PROJECT: #SignsOfStevens Social Media Promotion

As the leading social media resort in Washington, Stevens invests significant time and resources in fostering social engagement and communication with its community. For this particular social campaign we were tasked with increasing season pass sales during a very specific window and in a short length of time (10 days).

We developed the #SignsofStevens season pass giveaway to generate excitement and engagement leading up to the sale window. We made it a treasure hunt—fans had to keep their eyes on Stevens social channels and wait for hints to be released about the location of the pass. The first person to arrive at the location and repeat a particular phrase, like “Winna Winna Pow for Dinner,” took home the pass, and had their picture posted on Stevens social channels. 

By giving away two passes a day at locations around Seattle, Stevens was able to connect with its extended ski and snowboard family in the city as well as reach new potential passholders. And they exceeded their season pass sales goal. Win.