CLIENT: Killington Resort
PROJECT: 4241' Magazine
Killington’s annual 4241’ Magazine is a premium print and digital publication. By nature it is a four-season storybook that peels back the layers of everyday life in and around Killington, and reveals the authentic characters and stories that make up its cultural fabric.

We enlist talented writers and photographers to create a true-to-life publication that reads like a magazine—not a mag-a-log—and provides the audience with a wealth of insider information and insight into the Killington lifestyle. In the 2015 edition, we document a journey from New York City to Killington; chronicle the process and environmental benefits of Cow Power; and go behind-the-scenes with Killington's most hardcore skiers and riders as they pursue the iconic 100-day season.

150,000 copies of 4241’ Magazine are printed annually. In addition to placement throughout the resort’s lodging and other facilities, it is distributed at a number of visitor centers and other strategic locations in the East, Midwest and Canada.